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Hi. I’m Vibert Kesler, Executive Director of our unique Begin with the Children Parenting Program. Our mission is to grow “ordinary parents” into “extraordinary parents” because our society thrives with extraordinary families! 


Become an extraordinary family by enrolling in our parenting program. To enroll, you must be the parent of a child 0-18 months old. Why this age bracket? Because we take you through major stages of parenthood development that start while your child is still in diapers.


After you enroll, it will be my pleasure to be your host every month as we provide age-specific parenting ideas, information, and principles. This will help you become an extraordinary parent. I look forward to serving you.


“We like that the Begin with the Children parenting program is simple. It gives us a focus that isn’t overwhelming.”

-The Michaelson Family, enrolled since October 2015




A program for

growing parents