The reality of Covid soon hit home as hospitals closed down their birthing enters to all visitors except the father. Our Board of Directors realized a new business model was needed because, up to this point, enrollment in our Begin with the Children parenting program and its study course had been limited to parents of newborns in the birthing center. The Board expanding its enrollment policy to include parents expecting a baby and parents with a child age 0 to 18 months. Why the limitation? Because enrollment during the prenatal months up through age 18 months allows parents to start our study course during the all-important Nurturing Stage of Parenthood. 

The enrollment policy decision was easy for the Board to make—but challenging to deliver. To safely and effectively reach eligible parents during the pandemic, we had to develop an app and then convert 70-plus months of KinderKronicle, including approximately 300 separate articles, to a smartphone format. This change of policy also meant we needed to update our website, start using social media, and hire more staff with the needed skills. As we make these changes, we are confident that we will be able to expand our program throughout the U.S. and Canada and ultimately increase the number of families we serve.

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