The first thing that hits parents when they bring a new life home, whether it’s their first or fifth, is a feeling of being overwhelmed. That new baby takes a lot of time and energy! Often first time parents go to the book store or online and buy a baby book. Even parents who have other children resolve, “I’m going to do it right this time.” The point is that books, parenting classes, and searching the internet all requires parents to go to them. Our Begin with the Children parenting program and its study course has reversed that requirement because we come to you! 

How do we do this? 

Through KinderKronicle. 

We come to you each month with concise parenting information applicable to the age of your child. And, occasionally, we come to you with a “Special Report” on recent developments in the field of parenting. In addition, our study course builds on an expanding foundation of knowledge and practice as parents graduate from the Nurturing Stage, to the Authority Stage, to the Interpretive Stage, and so on to keep parenting compatible with their child’s developmental needs. 

What does this mean? 

Think in terms of arithmetic. First you learned addition, then subtraction, then basic algebra, and so forth. When you started to read, you began with simple things, like “The cat sat on the mat,” not Aristotle. KinderKronicle starts you out with simple principles and builds upon them as you learn and grow as a parent. We

 even go a step beyond a typical educational institution. When parents buy a baby book, which often can be hundreds of pages long, they will read the book with great enthusiasm, dedication, and resolve—at first. But then six months pass and the book is on the bookshelf gathering dust. Parents get busy and forget. Or they tell themselves, “I’ll read it tomorrow.” At some point, most parents say, “I wonder where I put that book?” KinderKronicle finds you once a month to ring your parenting bell and give you quick reminders of principles to focus on to help your child.

We Are an Educational Institution

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