Kaitlyn's Commentary

Month 3

Now that the immediate postpartum period is ending for me, I am eager to get back to feeling more like myself. Perhaps the knowledge that our “caboose” children are here has spurred my excitement at the idea of “having my body back.” Although I know it will take a long time before  my clothes fit “right” and or for the baby weight to leave my body, there are some things that I have realized are important to me in the months following the birth of a child.

Month 2

I grew up the oldest of four children (the youngest of which is now 22). Now that I am the mother of four children, I can’t help but compare the family I grew up in with the family I am now raising. I was extremely blessed with the best parents and siblings. My childhood was one of happiness and I like to think that we all turned out pretty well.

Month 1

“I just really want this whole twin newborn experience to strengthen our marriage rather than pull us apart… because I really feel like it could do either,” I cried to my husband one night when I was around 33 weeks pregnant. At the time, my fears were revolving more around the impact this major change would have on my marriage and two older children rather than concerns about our health, their delivery, nursing, or the change in finances that comes with having twins. 

Kaitlyn’s KinderKronicle Commentary

My life plan for 2014: I was going to carry my baby to term, have a great delivery, instantly bond with my son, and fully enjoy my maternity leave (complete with nearly 10 weeks off of teaching elementary school and plenty of support from family). My husband and I were going to love the newborn stage and provide a loving home where happiness prevailed on a daily basis. We even had a mental list of all the things we would teach our child and the values we wanted him to possess.